Is it cold?

Don't worry, The HotTug is anything but cold! The water is heated before you arrive to a temperature of 38 degrees and the wood burning stove ensures warm water for your entire trip. We enjoy The HotTug most when it is snowing outside!


The HotTug is a boat which is a hot tub, as such swimwear will be required. We have changing rooms on site and robes are available for purchase or rent to provide privacy as you enter the HotTug. You are also welcome to bring your own robes.

What should I bring?

Swimwear, towel (although we also rent), flip flops or slippers may be useful too. We provide a waterproof case so that you can bring your phones aboard. We also have basic changing facilities and provide one locker per HotTug.

Can i drink alcohol?

Each HotTug must have a designated driver who is not permitted to drink alcohol. Passengers are permitted to bring their own drinks although we will only allow a reasonable amount on board during your journey and we can't accept anyone on board who is deemed to be drunk. We just want you to stay safe! 

Is the water clean?

The water in the HotTug is fresh water from the tap which is heated to 38 degrees centigrade. The water is changed before every tip so is very clean!

What if it rains?

The HotTug is a wonderful experience come rain or shine. It is very rare for a HotTug session to be cancelled and passengers will be notified by email and text. If it is raining, do not fear, you will still have a great time, we promise!

Do you have a car park?

We do not have a car park however on street parking is available in the local area. The local cost of on street parking is £4 per hour, although it is free after 6.30pm Mon-Fri, 1pm - Saturday, All day Sunday.


We regret that the HotTug is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

I am Pregnant

We are sorry The HotTug is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant. We hope to see you in a few months. 

Late entry

Unfortunately if you are late for your session we cannot offer a refund, each booking lasts for 90 minutes with 75 minutes on the water so you will be able to enjoy however much time is left on your slot.

Extended Trip

Where there is no subsequent booking, you may extend your trip at a cost of £50 per 45 minutes.

Can I cancel or change my booking date?

We are happy to cancel or change your booking date for free with at least 14 days notice. We can cancel or change your booking date for a £25 fee up to 7 days before your booking. Unfortunately we cannot change dates or offer refunds in the 7 days prior to your booking date. 

Do you welcome groups?

We welcome groups. Up to 14 people can be on our HotTug's at any one time. If you have a larger group get in touch with us and we can offer other activities to keep your group happy.

Who drives?

One person on each boat must be designated as the captain (they are not permitted to drink alcohol). The boats are very easy to drive and full instruction will be provided as part of the pre trip briefing.

Where can I go?

Your trip will begin with 30 minutes in the City Road Basin, if competent you may be allowed onto the main canalway. You won't be able to go through locks however we will provide you with a full route map as part of your briefing.


A £500 deposit is required for the boat and will be returned immediately following your experience. This can be provided by cash or card.