The total experience is 90 minutes and 75 of those minute enjoying cruising the canals


Absolutely! Every Hottug trip contains fresh water that is heated to 38 degrees and can be heated and cooled using the onboard heating system

Is it cold?

Don't worry, The HotTug is anything but cold! The water is heated before you arrive to a temperature of 38˚C/100.4˚F and the wood burning stove ensures warm water for your entire trip. We enjoy The HotTug most when it is snowing outside!


You can have from 1-7 people in each HotTug. We can cater for groups of up to 21 people by using multiple HotTugs at the same time from our West India Quay site.


Sure can! You are greeted by one of our captains who will run through a safety and instructional demonstration, then we will get you set up in the HotTug whilst you are changing in our changing room and from there you will have around 75 minutes sailing time on the water

What should I bring?

Swimwear, towel (although we also rent), flip flops/slippers may be useful too. We provide a waterproof tub so that you can bring your phones aboard. We also provide one large locker per group to keep all your belongings safe while on your trip.

do you have changing facilities?

Yes, we do have basic changing facilities.  At our Angel site we have both females/males changing rooms both equipped with showers and bathrooms.  At our Canary Wharf location we have temporary changing rooms but no showers, and a shared bathroom.  

Can i drink alcohol?

Each HotTug must have a designated driver who is not permitted to drink alcohol. Passengers are permitted to bring their own drinks although we have strict rules on what you can bring and we can't accept anyone on board who is deemed to be drunk. We just want you to stay safe! 

What is the alcohol limit?

The captain is not permitted to drink. Passengers may bring a maximum of 2 beers or half a bottle of wine or 2 premixed spirit cans only. No spirits are allowed other than premixed cans.  

what happens when we arrive?

Upon arrival you will fill out a terms form and you will be given a 5-10 minute safety briefing.  This will include instructions on how to drive the boat and the route for your trip.  After which you will then get changed! 

Is the water clean?

The water in the HotTug is fresh water from the tap which is heated to 38˚C/100.4˚F.  The water is changed after every trip so is very clean!

What if it rains?

The HotTug is a wonderful experience come rain or shine. It is very rare for a HotTug session to be cancelled and passengers will be notified by email and text. If it is raining, do not fear, you will still have a great time, we promise!

Do you have a car park?

We do not have a car park however on street parking is available in the local area. The local cost of on street parking is £4 per hour, although it is free after 6.30pm Mon-Fri, after 1pm - Saturday, and all day Sunday.


Well behaved children over the age of 12 are allowed with their parents or guardians who take responsibility for them during and after their trip. There must be a minimum of 2 adults in the boat at all times. We advise that you do not spend more than 10-15 minutes at a time in the water. Children also must wear a life jacket at all times.

I am Pregnant

We are sorry the HotTug is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant. We hope to see you in a few months. 

Late entry

Unfortunately if you are late for your session we cannot offer a refund, each booking lasts for 90 minutes with 75 minutes on the water so you will be able to enjoy however much time is left on your slot.

Extended Trip

Where there is no subsequent booking, you may extend your trip at a cost of £30 per 30 minutes.

Can I cancel or change my booking date?

We are happy to change your booking date for free with at least 14 days notice. We can change your booking date for a £25 fee up to 7 days before your booking. Unfortunately we cannot change dates or offer refunds in the 7 days prior to your booking date. 

Do you welcome groups?

We welcome groups. Up to 21 people can be on our HotTug's at any one time (7 in each boat). If you have a larger group get in touch with us and we can offer other activities to keep your group happy. Groups bookings are normally only possible at our West India Quay location.

Who drives?

One person on each boat must be designated as the captain (they are not permitted to drink alcohol). The boats are very easy to drive and full instructions will be provided as part of the pre-trip briefing.

Where can I go?

Your trip will begin with 20 minutes in the City Road Basin (Angel Site), if competent you can then enjoy the main canal. You won't be able to go through locks however we will provide you with a full route map as part of your briefing.  At the Canary Wharf site, your trip will begin with a small loop around the first bridge to test competency, after which you will be able to experience the full route.  Please note the HotTug has a CCTV camera on board for your safety. 


A card and form of ID for the boat will be required as form of deposit. You are liable for all damages and loss to the HotTug and all equipment provided and also late return of the vessel. 


Absolutely and with every gift voucher, we mail it the lucky recipient including a personalised message from you and a HotTug UK captains hat so they are ready for their special voyage